Welcome to

Zen Republic


Welcome to

Zen Republic

After centuries of wars and conflict over who controls the sun, all the inhabited planets of the PX-420 planetary system managed to call a truce and set aside their differences, agreeing to share the sun, thus the first ever solar-system wide union was formed, called Zen Republic.


Rodent People: Origins is a multiplayer VR escape room, in which teams of up to 4 players use their wits to solve innovative, story-driven puzzles to try and break out of a prison cell.


If you own an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2, you can download free multiplayer demo of Rodent People: Origins right now!

In this multiplayer demo of the game, you can experience the daily life of incarcerated Rodent People. You need to play a mini-game inside a game to earn money, which you can then later spend on food and water. In the full game, earning money will be crucial, so if you learn how to efficiently get lots of it, you're going to have easier time breaking out of the prison.

For more information about how to install and play the demo, click the "Play Demo" button.



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