After centuries of wars and conflict over who controls the sun, all the inhabited planets of the PX-420 planetary system managed to set aside their differences, agreeing to share the sun's energy, thus the first ever solar-system wide union was formed, called Zen Republic.

Life in the newly formed union is better than ever! Having cooperatively built a Dyson sphere to harvest sun's energy, not only are the planets' energy needs fully covered, but the whole solar system can move through galaxies at the speed of light. With this technology, Zen Republic is traveling

around the universe, looking for inhabited planets and entertaining them through VR games, virtual events, and NFT expositions.


Our headquarters are now open to visitors from all around the universe. Attend virtual events, fun game shows, NFT art expositions or simply hang out with other citizens!

Windows PC supported, too!

Download Zen Republic HQ for free! 

Latest version v0.22

Welcome to

Zen Republic





Pioneers is a weekly XR creator meetup, where creators from different immersive media fields share about their projects and insights to the future! The talk is followed by open discussion with live audience.


To not miss the event, register for it HERE

Each attendee gets a POAP after the event, so make sure to setup a crypto wallet if you don't have one yet!


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We are on a mission to create a metaverse that brings people together through innovative entertainment and passion for immersive technology. Become a part of Zen Republic community by joining our discord server!