Rodent People: Origins is the first ever co-locativeVR escape room, in which teams of up to 4 players use their wits to solve innovative, even magical puzzles and escape out of a prison cell in a limited amount of time.

* co-locative means that players play in the same physical space using wireless headsets and see each other as virtual avatars in place of their real bodies.


Rodent People are rats with human level brain power and a body enhanced with bionic parts, who somehow found themselves locked up in a prison.

At the first glance, life inside the cell is not too bad.

Rats occupy themselves by working and earning money, which they can then spend on food and other things. Also, the prison guard doesn't seem to be too interested in his prisoners, as long as they don't bother him directly, so the rats are able to do mostly anything they please.

However, the days quickly start blending together, and the rats can't keep on living in a prison cell - they decide to break out and find out the mystery behind why they were incarcerated in the first place.




If you own an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2, you can download free multiplayer demo of Rodent People: Origins right now!

In this multiplayer demo of the game, you can experience the daily life of incarcerated Rodent People. You need to play a mini-game inside a game to earn money, which you can then later spend on food and water. In the full game, earning money will be crucial, so if you learn how to efficiently get lots of it, you're going to have easier time breaking out of the prison.

For more information about how to install and play the demo, click the "Play Demo" button.


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