Rodent People: Origins is a VR escape room, in which teams of up to 4 players use their wits to solve innovative, story-driven puzzles to try and break out of a prison cell.


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Rodent People are rats with human level brain power and a body enhanced with bionic parts, who somehow found themselves locked up in a prison.

At the first glance, life inside the cell is not too bad. Rats occupy themselves by working and earning money, which they can later spend on food, water and other commodities. However, despite their perfect, stress-free living conditions, Rodent People can no longer bear their boring routine and decide to break out of the prison cell and find out the mystery behind why they were incarcerated in the first place.



Blaine is the charming one of the bunch. He spends his days in prison beefing and flexing on his cellmates. Blaine swears he has a girlfriend waiting for him outside the prison, but other rodents think it's cap.


Giovanni has been in the prison for longest out of all rodents, so he is the unquestioned alpha among them. He knows all the ins and outs of the prison system and how corrupt the guards are.


Wallace is a shy rodent, always silent, engulfed in thoughts about how he ended up in prison and his life before that in general. He, like others, can't recollect the memory, but, unlike his cellmates, he thinks he has plan to escape the cell and get to the bottom of this madness.


Morty is super cute and friendly. Other cellmates treat him as their younger brother and appreciate the happiness he spreads around in their grim cell. They like to mock Morty for believing in spirits and magic, but that does not bring him down.

Rodent People: Origins
App Lab Beta 

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